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Sunday, February 25th, 2001
1:22 pm
Chats can be boring O.o
Exactly what I said, chats can be boring ~_~ Especially when no one cool's there or says anything...

Current Mood: bored
12:41 pm
Heehee ^_^
I've updated my site! I've updated my siiiiiiite! Yay! *bounces* I've changed the theme from mp3s to my fave bishounen and bishoujos profile XD. Pretty much cos I sucked at keeping mp3s ^_~ I also like the new layout. Very dark, yet pretty. I swear I'll work on it more starting 2 day

My site, no da....!

Current Mood: artistic
11:12 am
I guess One can't say I'm ina ery bouncy mood today....as one very wise kid once said: Trying to enjoy a Sunday is like trying to enjoy a last meal before an execution. I think it was actually Calvin from Calvin&Hobbes that said that ^_^.
I have a kawaii new dektop wallpaper...both on the computer in my room and the one used by my whole family for internet ^^ The one on the family computer is off sakura, flying away in the starry night and the one in my room is a cute, super kawaii pic of Touya and Yukito getting ready for bed...once again I say it: THEY MAKE SUCH A CUUUUUTE COUPLE!!!! CUTE COUPLE!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAI! Okay....*coughs* I'm calm now, honest :)
But with the way the dubs edited it, all the subtle hints are gone ;_; I bet at the part when they would normally get together, the awaful people in dub companies will edit it out. They always do that....like we're all a bunch of immature homophobics here in north america. Well, I guess its true that japanese people are more open-minded then we are, but if they stopped trying to hiide homosexuality from the public, mybe it would change? Maybe....*sighs*

Current Mood: pessimistic
Saturday, February 24th, 2001
10:03 pm
My first entry!
Hi everyone, my name is neko-sama (well, it isn't really neko-sama, but oh well ^_~) I'm new to this diary keeping stuff. So I might suck at it. Well, I heard somewhere that you can't suck at keeping a diary, that the less it makes sense, the better it is. I think whoever said that was very wise. I'm not keeping this thing for the world, but 4 me! If you guys enjoy it, well, I'm happy for you, and I'm glad. But this is all about me. ME! Yes, me, the boring, insecure otaku! Of course I'm not insecure or boring on the 'net cos people seem to be so much more open-minded, fun and less shy in the wonderful cyber-world. That's probably one of the reasons I have more online friends than I have real ones. (...)
I have trouble making friends in real life. I'm too shy. ~_~

I have a new obsession. CARD CAPTOR SAKURA!!!! It is so damn KAWAII!!!! I *know* it's a kid's show but I know someone that's 19 and like *ahem* digimon. And card captor sakura isn't that childish. Well, maybe it is, but there's just something about it, and about Sakura's hot big brother, Touya, and his best friend (that happens to be quite kawaii) Yukito, or as Touya calls him, Yuki. They make sucha cute couple! I've been spending 2 hours searching the 'net for good info on them and nice wallpapers. Well I found out that they R an official couple! yay! *bounces* Anyway...*coughs* I've also downloaded a bunch of CCS mp3s, my collecting thus expanding to 279 ^_^ I know it isn't that much, but I've only been into mp3s for about 2 months, so it's a lot 2 me O.o About 276 of my mp3s are either anime or in japanese. I love J-pop....

My computer is going crazy. Every time you listen to an mp3 or a movie file or anything with music, the sound card goes crazy and does this incredibly ear-piercing "beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..." noise. It drives me nuts. I need a new sound card. But my mum says she's too broke. I might buy it myself, since she doesn't seem to want to buy one soon...~_~

Oh well...mmm...to learn more about me, visit my bio. Ja ne, minna ^_^
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